We want to CONNECT with YOU!

Would you allow us the privilege to connect with you to walk with you on your journey to BE who God created you to be, LOVE how God created you to love, and DO what God created you to do

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We are here to inspire you, help you, and walk with you on your journey to BE who God created you to be, LOVE Him and others how He created you to love and DO what He has created you to do!

To BE who God created us to be means to believe in Jesus and the work that He has done, that we may BE children of God. The truth of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit continually work to transform us to BE more and more like Jesus.

As we begin to BE who God has created us to be, we start to LOVE Him and LOVE other people how He created us to love!

This LOVE causes us to DO what we were created to DO: Worship God, share the gospel, disciple others, send and support others to preach, to connect with each other, to help others – essentially to fulfill the great commission, to go and make disciples of all nations.

Living Word

Our Story

In a parlor room of the Dover-Foxcroft residence of Alfred and Vera Boyer 1930 the Pentecostal message began to spread in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. The next three years saw this small group of people coming together in faith, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. They sought the will of God and with 18 members looked to join the young Assemblies of God movement on August 23, 1933. Two months later, on October 2, 1933, they were fully approved as a sovereign church in the Assemblies.

Some of the charter members were:

Albert & Velora Boyer – the founding pastors;

Jasper & Violet Austin – two strong leaders of this young work;

Ona & Hazen Rideout;

and though they were not charter members, the Pinkerton Family is said to park their horse and wagon in front of the church during services.

Elza Levenselor, was also an early member joining in December of 1933 who was also a helpful pillar of the church.

This spiritual passion carried on to the generations of Pentecostals that have passed through the doors of this church. The Boyers and those foundation stone families set the course with the Book of Acts and the message of the cross. They started the church under the name Calvary Mission of the Assemblies of God and on November 2, 1933 began holding meetings at the Knights of Pythias Hall in Union Square. In 1935, they moved and started to conduct evangelistic services at the Parish House, the former home of the Free Will Baptists, located at 176 East Main Street, which has been our home ever since.

Street meetings conducted by the church were so popular that in July of 1936, the town officials asked the church to hold them elsewhere in town because they were creating traffic problems. Evidently there was some delay in moving into the Parish House because finally in October of 1936 consistent meetings started after the building had been put into a condition for use by preparing the upper room for services, with plans for opening the church in full at a later time. At that time our church took on the name, Glad Tidings Temple.

Those pastors who followed were given the mantel to continue the work that was laid before them. After Albert Boyer and his wife founded our church, there were several pastors in its first twenty years alone. There were two men among them who would become prominent ministers in the Assemblies of God organization.

Joseph Flower was one such pastor in the early years. His parents, J. Roswell and Alice Flower, were influential in the founding and pioneering of the Assemblies of God and Pentecostal movement in general. His son Joseph started his ministry career at our church. He was later elected and served as General Secretary of the Assemblies of God from 1975 until 1993. He was a strong supporter of women’s roles in the ministry.

Joseph’s good friend, Charles Greenaway, was the pastor here prior to the Flowers. He had come up to this area on Flower’s honeymoon. Charles had recently lost his wife, so they brought him with them to help console him. After several days of fishing, the young Mrs. Flowers sent Charles off. That could have been their initiation to this area. After his time here Charles Greenaway went on to become a famous missionary to Africa and an evangelist pastor. In 1977, he was appointed the First Field Secretary of the newly aligned Missions District of Eurasia. He drew attention to the fact that Europe was a valid and needy missions field. He is very well known in the Assemblies of God as he held several offices and served until his death. Our church also changed its name in 1942 to First Assembly of God, during his tenure.

V. Wilson Hickham pastored for several years here and went on to do great things for God. Manza Wright also was one of the memorable pastors of this church. Many pastors helped develop the work of God in The Dover-Foxcroft, Piscataquis County area.

We have a long and rich history of developing and sending people into their God given callings to build the body of Christ all over the world.

This church, now called Living Word Assembly of God is here because individuals believed in the saving blood of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing has changed. Until Jesus comes, the history of the blood and Spirit are still being acted out here in Dover-Foxcroft, in a church where God brought together a group of people who were and are still dedicated to God’s purpose.